education for all children

Empowering all children with basic education, help them to excel in their future careers and increase the literacy rate in their communities.

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Empowering single mothers with handcraft and entrepreneurship skills,  helping them to participate in economic activities and become financially self-dependent.

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About Care Children

Founded in 2021 by AYINKAMIYE Christine, a former orphan who was raised in a  charity care center. She personally experienced the impact of charity work on communities and embark on the journey to support single mothers with their children to have a better future through entrepreneurship activities and education.

The organization is currently based in the western province of Rwanda with its head office in Rubavu town. 


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Rwanda Health Insurance

Support 200 people’s families with
health insurance

Access to health services is a fundamental right for everyone, with various partner organizations, we paid public health insurance for 170 people for 2021-2021 yearly insurance. We want to double this number by the 2022-2023 insurance period to reach more vulnerable families including under 5-age children and single mothers.

Raised: $400.00
Goal: $1500.00

Education For The Children

We strongly believe that every child deserves a quality primary education. Unfortunately, all children don’t enjoy this basic right which results in a low rate of literacy in rural communities.

In partnership with local education institutions, we’re providing basic school materials including – school fees, notebooks, pens, school bags, and more for preschool and primary school education.

Supported children belong to poor single mothers who normally struggle to afford those basic school requirements.

Raised: $750.00
Goal: $3,000.00
Women Sewing Machine

Entrepreneur start-up fund for graduates

In partnership with vocational training centers, we train vulnerable single mothers with vocational and entrepreneurship skills.

After graduation, we provide each new graduate with a start-up package containing various materials including sewing machines, hair-cut, hair-dressing machines, monetary operating capital, and more.

Raised: $750.00
Goal: $3,000.00

Happy time with children

Every last Sunday of the month, all children gather at our office to play, learn, socialize, and other
activities that improve their well-being and their future career.


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